Dr. Sherry Kerchner is Seattle’s premiere naturopathic physician – she has been in practice since 1996, offering a variety of medical services and an individualistic approach to holistic care to aid the natural healing power of the body. Using naturopathic philosophy, bodywork, and many other supportive medical options to suit your plan of care, you are in excellent hands.

Dr. Sherry can manage your case, or work as a team player in tandem with your other healthcare providers, complementing their expertise to achieve a well-rounded, supportive, therapeutic perspective and care.

In working with you, Dr. Sherry offers a variety of services to facilitate achieving the balance of the physical body – our health is constantly in flux, possibly affecting genetics, with environmental and emotional triggers.

The therapeutic goal is to restore balance to the body and mind connection. This is accomplished by a holistic approach to care, in-person consultation, appropriate diagnostic testing, and the resulting individual plan of care. Various treatments and therapies are available to encourage the natural healing power of each individual to emerge.

“Health is a dynamic process – my goal is to provide quality health and healing for the whole person.”

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