Physical concerns can very, such as muscle spasms, low back pain,
sciatica, disc problems, muscle tension discomfort, join
strains/sprains, plantar fasciitis, nerve tingling in extremities, and
other acute or chronic symptoms. All can be successfully treated.

Dr. Sherry sees patients who have been involved in car accidents, sports
injuries, falls, repetitive motion overuse, and fibromyalgia.

There are several treatments for these conditions are available to
patients as a plan of care, such as massage, osseous manipulations,
physical therapy, and prescription drugs as needed.

Additional options to reduce inflammation, stubborn pain, and stimulate
natural healing are injections of homeopathic products either into the
muscles (Trigger Point injections) or under the skin (Therapeutic
Subcutaneous injections). These can be a better alternative to cortisone
shots, which most often can be avoided.

Dr. Sherry has acquired extensive training and utilizes a wide variety of massage and bodywork techniques: Swedish, Shiatsu, Tui-Na, as well as original movement. She chooses the most appropriate technique to best suit each individuals’ specific needs.

Sports Massage: Focused on the athlete with specific training or rehabilitation consideration.
Naturopathic osseous assessment and manipulation. It is necessary to remove any obstacles to cure. There are times a minor mal-alignment can cause other bodily concerns. It is necessary at that time that osseous balance be restored.

Therapeutic Bodywork: Focused on rehabilitation of a specific body/muscular imbalance.

Stress Management and Relaxation Therapy: In our busy and hectic schedule, quiet relaxation time is often forgotten. An example of one of the many ways, she can provide not only the relaxation but support your specific goals is through Personalized Subliminal CD’s. Take a well needed break from that hectic schedule to reduce stress, change habits and re-balance your body. Whether it is a desire for weight loss, to quit smoking or any other habit changes you wish to make in your life,

Dr. Sherry can design and create a CD specifically for you. Take a mini vacation from your schedule to focus on your health and wellbeing: 30-75 minutes.

Reflexology: This is a healing system in which specific points on the feet or hands, known as reflex points, are manipulated to bring about changes in other parts of the body. These reflex points are believed to correspond to every major organ, gland, and area of the body.

CranioSacral Therapy: This healing modality recognizes the dynamic activity and adjustability of the craniosacral system by the use of slightpressure of touch. This therapy is a gentle non-invasive technique that can monitor and balance the internal rhythms of cerebrospinal fluid that baths the brain and continues down the spinal cord to the sacrum or tailbone area. An imbalance or restriction in this ‘craniosacral’ system can potentially influence any number of sensory, motor or neurological components of the body. By fine-tuning this system, you have the benefits of better overall health and resistance to disease.

Therapeutic Touch is an intentionally directed method of healing during which a practitioner uses their hands to facilitate, smooth, and balance the flow of energy throughout the body. This technique has been extensively researched in major hospital centers and has spread toother health care professionals around the globe.

is an ancient hands-on traditional healing modality that originated from Japan. Dr. Sherry uses the Usui System of this practice. It is used to help facilitate the flow of energy through the body and accelerates and aids the healing process. Reiki is a Japanese word, which is translated to: Rei (meaning ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’), and Ki (meaning Universal Life Force Energy).

Applied Kinesiology: This technique is a kinetic biofeedback that accesses the body’s inner wisdom for maintenance of optimal wellness of the body, mind and soul by detecting changes in muscle tone when a diagnostic point is touched. This ‘muscle testing’ amplifies minute fluctuation in the nervous system’s energy and can assist with additional information into your specific medical concern.

Keeping the body functional and at optimal efficiency is a matter of balancing genetic possibilities with prevention and fine tuning of habits, nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle. Taking the time to determine what needs are specific to your body and providing follow-up evaluations as your body heals keeps you moving forward in achieving optimum health and well being.

Dr. Sherry specializes in determining what your body needs to be balanced and then provides a full range of natural processes and medicines to help you achieve your goals through the following processes:

Nutritional Assessment: Are you getting a balanced diet for your body type, physical use and stress load? Dr. Sherry provides personalized nutritional analysis, planning and management that helps ensure you get a balanced diet for your body type, lifestyle and stress load.

Supplement Evaluation and Planning: What supplements are you taking? Are they optimally being absorbed? Are they really the best solution for your health concern? Are you aware that many over the counter supplements may not provide your body type with the nutrients that you desire?

Dr. Sherry offers an in-depth evaluation of your needs that identifies the supplements, dosages and schedule that helps you best achieve your health and fitness goals.

Detoxification: There are several methods of approach to rid the body of any waste products or toxins of environmental insults. Dr. Sherry provides treatments that rid the body of these waste or environmental toxins resulting from heavy metal toxicity, smoking, drugs, pesticides, antibiotic use, chemical solvents and parasites.

Allergies: Dr. Sherry provides help for controlling those hidden food and environmental allergies that can stand in the way of proper metabolism, digestion and elimination. This silent insult can cause a variety of problems from mood swings to fatigue.

Dr. Sherry is offering medical laser therapy options for various illnesses, overall health wellness, weight loss and more. Results are proven, non-invasive, and drug-free.

The PL5000, by Euchronia, is a low-level laser that can be targeted to areas of the body to address conditions such as chronic neck and shoulder pain, increased circulation, and overall effects are decreased pain and inflammation, as well as an increase of range of motion.

Pain management is epidemic in our society. We have a plan of care for you.

Trigger Point Injections are indicated for relief of acute and chronic pain in muscles that have been strained or injured, are in spasm, or have chronic tension. Often, pressing on specific areas of the muscle triggers a pain sensation, hence the term “Trigger Point.” Injecting into those points helps reduce or eliminate the tension and pain and restores motion. Almost any muscle can be treated using this technique including neck, shoulder, back, hips, and legs. It can also be helpful in controlling symptoms caused by spinal disc problems and nerve tingling or numbness by relieving the muscle tension around the involved area.

This treatment method has been practiced since the 1960s. Over time, the procedure has been more refined and now there are several injection methods. Often a local anesthetic such as Lidocaine is used. Many alternative health care practitioners have adopted more natural methods, including injecting homeopathic products such as Traumeel, because rather than just blocking a pain message, homeopathic products stimulate the body to heal. This often results in greater success than dry needling or just injecting an anesthetic, plus there is often less post-injection discomfort. The homeopathic effect usually creates progressive improvement with each treatment. The number of treatments required varies depending upon the condition.

Homeopathic products interrupt the feedback loop for pain, and therefore act differently than drugs; this treatment is not the same as steroid or Cortisone injections. Those injections often need to be deep in the muscle and can by very painful. While they can be effective, repeat treatment is often needed as the drug effect wears off over time. There is a limit to how many injections can be given in a particular body area, as this drug can actually cause long term damage to the muscle or bone in the injected area. Another injection option can be a “nerve block” using an anesthetic.

The injections might feel something similar to acupuncture with a slight to moderate sensation of pain. Occasionally you might experience more pain if an area injected has been inflamed for a long time. The pain is very short lived and usually goes right away a minute or so after the injection. The injection only penetrates into the muscle, never as far as a joint or tendon/ligament attachments to the bone, and rarely needs to be deep. Occasionally someone might experience some slight swelling, bruising or inflammation after the injection but this can be decreased with icing or the use of an additional homeopathic product.

Often, the Trigger Point injections allow other treatment modalities such as massage, chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture, to have much more benefit. Once significant symptom improvement has occurred from the injections, then these other modalities can provide further support and create long term strengthening and alignment of the body.

Therapeutic Subcutaneous injections is effective for joints. This involves shots just under the skin with a very small needle. The homeopathic medications have a healing effect below where the injections were made. If the area is a “hot spot,” these injections can sting for a very brief period of time. This sensation is useful to the Doctor, as it is then clear that an area needing treatment has received it. Conditions where this technique is useful include joint strains or sprains, plantar fasciitis, elbow tendonitis, wrist and hand pain, finger and toe sprains, etc. It is also helpful in treating arthritis.

This method can also be used for non-musculoskeletal conditions including relief of headaches and migraines, sinusitis pain and pressure, abdominal or pelvic cramping, and lymph swelling and edema. Symptom relief can be almost immediate after treatment.

Homeopathic Trigger Point injections and the Therapeutic Subcutaneous injections have absolutely been the most useful method I have found to resolve acute and chronic pain and spasm or cramping symptoms. Most frequently, this approach is the last one patients try, and it is the one that most effectively returns them to the healing path. Patients have been heard to say, “I can’t believe I am looking forward to more injections!”

A personal infrared sauna is available in Dr. Sherry’s office to assist with many health benefits such as: weight loss, detoxification, hypertension, GI issues, cellulite, allergies, acne & blemishes, eczema, depression, and more.

The therapeutic benefits of the Personal Infrared Sauna may include healing and pain relief from numerous ailments, such as: fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasms, back pain, poor circulation, menstrual pain, insomnia, and more.

We are offering specially made, nano-size, mineral complexes for quick absorption as radiation defense: 2,000 ppm Iodine, and 2,000 ppm Germanium.

This method quickly absorbs into the circulation and bypasses the stomach by simply swishing it around in your mouth.

Please contact us to place your order!

In our fast-paced society, women need balance in their lives and health more than ever. They want to be in harmony with the natural rhythm of their bodies, reproductive cycles, menstrual complaints, childbirth and postpartum issues, and to help smooth the transitions that occur in their later reproductive lives, such as menopause, infertility, PCOS, and more.

Dr. Sherry focuses on natural treatments to minimize the unnecessary use of pharmaceuticals, artificial hormones, and to avoid surgery whenever possible. You’ll be provided with a holistic, natural approach to reproductive, gynecological and general health care for women from adolescence to the postmenopausal years. She provides preventative care and early detection of women’s health conditions.

There is a referral process for natural child birth and midwifery.

Naturopathic medicine is effective in treating most health problems, whether acute or chronic. Some of the women’s health conditions treated by naturopathic physicians include:

  • Amenorrhea, anovulation
  • Cervicitis, cervical dysplasia
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Dysfuncional uterine bleeding
  • Endometriosis
  • Habitual miscarriage
  • Infertility
  • Mastitis
  • Menstrual irregularity/pain
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Morning sickness
  • Natural birth control
  • Natural family planning
  • Nursing difficulties
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Postpartum depression
  • Sexual disorders
  • Urinary incontinence, cystitis
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Vaginitis (bacterial, yeast)