“Dr. Sherry is the best doctor I’ve ever known. She truly cares about my health and well being and takes the time to help me make improvements to my life. She uses every tool at her disposal to help the body, mind and spirit to heal and become whole. She does not just treat the disease or its symptoms, but helps to strengthen the entire being using the holistic approach of Naturopathic Medicine. I highly recommend Dr. Sherry’s services to anyone who truly desires to live a happier and healthier life.”
– John F., Tulsa, OK

“I literally carry Dr. Sherry’s business cards on me. Her expertise, on-site resources, and personable demeanor made me an advocate for her one-stop-shop. She helped me find a CURE for 2 issues I had been misdiagnosed for in excess of 5 – 10 years each, where symptoms were treated vs. identifying the actual problem, then eliminating it for good. This wonderful lady truly cares about her patients, and goes the extra step to put them on the road to health and wellness.”
– Greg T., Seattle, WA

A friend referred me to Dr. Sherry, and boy am I glad he did! She is incredibly knowledgeable to diagnose and treat her patients. Dr. Sherry treats the individual based on their needs, with the bigger picture in mind as a holistic approach. Whenever someone is looking for a naturopath, I refer them to Dr. Sherry. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a provider who spends focused, quality time, and boutique-style services that is currently missing in today’s market.”
– Teri S., Seattle, WA