“Health is a dynamic process”

Our health is constantly in flux adjusting genetics with environmental and emotional insult. In working with you, Dr. Sherry Kerchner offers a variety of services to facilitate achieving the balance of the physical body that is generally known as HEALTH. The therapeutic goal therefore, is to restore a balance of the body, mind and spirit. This is accomplished via an exchange of information: verbal, diagnostic laboratory testing and the suggestion and compliance of various treatments and therapies that will encourage the natural healing power of each individual to emerge.

“My goal is to provide quality health and healing for the whole person”

Naturopathic Medicine is founded on the simple premise of the healing power of nature. The goal of the naturopathic physician is to restore the normal functioning of the body through the use of natural substances and treatments that enhance the body’s own healing abilities.

It views the individual as an integral whole, and symptoms of disease are seen as indicators of improper functioning and unfavorable habits of lifestyle. As a result, a primary goal of treatment is to address the underlying cause of illness and to avoid treatments that might cause new illness and complicate the existing process.

Naturopathic Methods

Naturopathic medicine is defined primarily by its fundamental principles. Methods and modalities are selected and applied based upon these principles in relationship to the individual needs of each patient. Diagnostic and therapeutic methods are selected from various sources and systems and will continue to evolve with the progress of knowledge.

Naturopathic Practice

Naturopathic practice includes the following diagnostic and treatment modalities: utilization of all methods of clinical and laboratory diagnostic testing including diagnostic radiology and other imaging techniques; nutritional medicine, dietetics and therapeutic fasting; medicines of mineral, animal and botanical origin; hygiene and public health measures; homeopathy; acupuncture; Chinese medicine, psychotherapy and counseling; minor surgery and naturopathic obstetrics (natural childbirth), naturopathic physical medicine including naturopathic manipulative therapies; the use of hydrotherepies, heat, cold, ultrasound, and therapeutic exercise; Naturopathic practice excludes major surgery and the use of most synthetic drugs.