“Health is a dynamic process”

Our health is constantly in flux adjusting genetics with environmental and emotional insult. In working with you, Dr. Sherry Kerchner offers a variety ofservices to facilitate achieving the balance of the physical body that is generally known as HEALTH. The therapeutic goal therefore, is to restore a balance of the body, mind and spirit. This is accomplished via an exchange of information: verbal, diagnostic laboratory testing and the suggestion and compliance of various treatments and therapies that will encourage the natural healing power of each individual to emerge.

“My goal is to provide quality health and healing for the whole person.”

 Seasonal Allergy Relief

By Dr. Nick Friedman, N.D.,D.C
What do runny eyes and nose, sneezing, sinus inflammation, and congestionhave in common with over 40 million people? They are often debilitating symptoms, referred to as allergic rhinitis, that are a frequent fact of life for a large population of allergy sufferers