Dr. Sherry has acquired extensive training and utilizes a wide variety of massage and bodywork techniques: Swedish, Shiatsu, Tui-Na, as well as original movement. She chooses the most appropriate technique to best suit each individuals specific needs.

Sports Massage: Focused on the athlete with specific training or rehabilitation consideration.
Chiropractic Assessment and Manipulation: It is necessary to remove any obstacles to cure. There are times a minor mal-alignment can cause other bodily concerns. It is necessary at that time that osseous balance be restored.

Therapeutic Bodywork: Focused on rehabilitation of a specific body/muscular imbalance.

Relaxation Therapy: In our busy and hectic schedule, quiet relaxation time is often forgotten. An example of one of the many ways I can provide not only the relaxation but support your specific goals is through PersonalizedSubliminal CD’s. Take a well needed break from that hectic schedule to reduce stress, change habits and re-balance your body. Whether it is a desire for weight loss, to quit smoking or any other habit changes you wish to make in your life,

Dr. Sherry designs and creates a CD specifically for you. Take a mini vacation from your schedule to focus on your health and well being: 30-75 minutes.

Reflexology: This is ahealing system in which specific pointson the feet or hands, known as reflex points, are manipulated to bring about changes in other parts of the body. These reflex points are believed to correspond to every major organ, gland, and area of the body.