CranioSacral Therapy: This healing modality recognizes the dynamic activity and adjustability of the craniosacral system by the use of slightpressure of touch. This therapy is a gentle non-invasive technique that can monitor and balance the internal rhythms of cerebrospinal fluid that baths the brain and continues down the spinal cord to the sacrum or tailbone area. An imbalance or restriction in this ‘craniosacral’ system can potentially influence any number of sensory, motor or neurological components of the body. By fine-tuning this system, you have the benefits of better overall health and resistance to disease.

Therapeutic Touch: Is an intentionally directed method of healing during which a practitioner uses their hands to facilitate, smooth, and balance the flow of energy throughout the body. This technique has been extensively researched in major hospital centers and has spread toother health care professionals around the globe.

Rei – Meaning ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ Ki – Meaning Universal Life Force Energy. This is an ancient hands-on traditional healing modality thatoriginated from Japan, known as theOsui System. It is used to help facilitate the flow of energy through the body and accelerates and aids the healing process.

Applied Kinesiology: This technique is a kinetic biofeedback that accesses the body’s inner wisdom for maintenance of optimal wellness of the body, mind and soul by detecting changes in muscle tone when a diagnostic point is touched. This ‘muscle testing’ amplifies minute fluctuation in the nervous system’s energy and can assist with additional information into your specific medical concern.