Keeping the body functional and at optimal efficiency is a matter of balancing genetic possibilities with prevention and fine tuning of habits, nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle. Taking the time to determine what needs are specific to your body and providing follow-up evaluations as your body heals keeps you moving forward in achieving optimum health and wellbeing.

Dr. Sherry specializes in determining what your body needs to be balanced and then provides a full range of natural processes and medicines to help you achieve your goals through the following processes:

Nutritional Assessment: Are you getting a balanced diet for your body type, physical use and stress load?

Dr. Sherry provides personalized nutritional analysis, planning and management that helps ensure you get a balanced diet for your body type, lifestyle and stress load.

Supplement Evaluation and Planning: What supplements are you taking? Are they the most absorbable form? Are they really the best solution for your health concern? Are you aware that many over the counter supplements may not provide your body type with the nutrients that you desire?

Dr. Sherry offers an in-depth evaluation of your needs that identifies the supplements, dosages and schedule that helps you best achieve your health and fitness goals.

Detoxification: Remove any obstacles to cure. Rid the body of any waste products or toxins of environmental insults.

Dr. Sherry provides treatments that rid the body of these waste or environmental toxins resulting from heavy metal toxicity, smoking, drugs, pesticides, antibiotic use, chemical solvents and parasites.

Allergies: Dr. Sherry provides help for controlling those hidden food and environmental allergies that can stand in the way of proper metabolism, digestion and elimination. This silent insult can cause a variety of problems from mood swings to fatigue.